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Item #: 859976
MSRP: $89.99

-10dB / -0.5dB Tap for 700-2500Mhz, 75ohm - 859976

The 859976 is a -10dB wide band 75 Ohm (700 - 2500 MHz) Tap. Taps can be used to split the amplified signal for multiple inside antennas with minimum signal loss. They are designed to be used in setups where a smaller amount of signal is desired in one area and a larger amount in another. The 859976 features a -10dB input with a 0.5 dB pass through. Wilson's taps are encased in a weatherproof housing, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Comes with F-Female Connectors.


  • For splitting the amplified signal for multiple inside antennas with minimum signal loss.

Package Includes:

  • Wilson 859976 Tap

Product Features:

  • One input - two unequal outputs
  • F-Female connectors


Technical Specifications

Frequency  700-2500 MHz
Impedance  75 ohms
Connector    F-Female                                 
Loss   −0.5dB / −10dB
Signal Split Ratio       90% / 10%

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