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Item #: WB800CH1UIPVM8
MSRP: $749.95

WB-800CH1U-IPVM-8 | 1U Integrated Faceplate IP Power Conditioner | 8 Individually Metered and Controlled Outlets

WattBox® 1U Integrated Faceplate IP Power Conditioner | 8 Individually Metered and Controlled Outlets

The WattBox 800 Series 8-Outlet brings the professional-grade benefits of the 800 Series in a dealer-requested 1U form factor. We’ve also added an integrated faceplate with LED indicators and local reset for the entire unit or individual outlets. The 1U rack-mountable chassis helps maximize your rack space, while LED indicators on the integrated faceplate tell you at a glance if the device is connected to the internet, properly grounded, and its safe voltage and surge protection status.


The faceplate also provides both voltage and current readings and two buttons for local reset of either individual outlets or the entire unit. Like all 800 Series WattBox models, the 8-outlet form factor offers individually controlled and metered outlets, surge protection, safe voltage, self-healing, optional UPS battery add-on, control system integration, and built-in remote management with OvrC.



Single EMI filter for bank of 8 outlets
Type: NEMA 5-15
Total Number of Outlets: 9
IP Controlled Outlets: 8, on back
Accessory Outlet: 1 on front, unprotected and uncontrolled
Yes (90V ~ 136V)
UL 62368-1, UL 1449, UL 1283, FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Subpart B-Class B
Unit: 17.33" x 1.74" x 12.29"
With Feet Installed: 17.33" x 2.31" x 12.29"
Protection Modes: L-N, L-G, N-G
Locking and Detachable Power Cord
AC Input Connection: IEC C-14
14°F - 104°F
6 Ft.
120V, 60 Hz
Circuit Breaker Rating: 15A
UL Current Rating: 12A
UL Power Rating: 1440W
Voltage Protection Rating: L-N 700V, L-G 600V, N-G 700V
Joule Rating: 3240J
Thermal Fuse
IP Controlled Outlets: 8
API: Yes
Individual Outlets: Yes, 8
Device: Yes, 8 total
Yes, MOV Type with AC Disconnect Thermal Fuse



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