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MSRP: $275.00

MP-MFC Controller


The MP-MFC series is an elegant set of wall mount controllers designed to provide the end user with intuitive system control of the MP-M Series music and paging mixer. Designers can configure these control peripherals to provide as much or as little control over the system as needed. Installers can easily configured the MP-MFC for use with the MP-M Series mixer (using the free MP Install app for Android/iOS tablets as well as Mac and PC desktops) to control source selection and volume for a zone as well as recalling scenes.


The MP-MFC controller features three large buttons (increment, decrement, select) as well as a crisp 27 mm x 26 mm graphic display which clearly labels selectable functions and options. The MP-M Series mixer has two ports for MP-MFC connectivity, each of which can accommodate four daisy-chained MP-MFC controllers with a maximum total cable length of 250 meters per port.


Up to eight MP-MFC controllers may be connected to a single MP-M Series mixer using standard CAT5 (RJ45) cabling.



• Configure as much or as little control as needed

• Control source select, scene recall, volume control

• Three buttons (increment, decrement, select)

• Crisp 27 mm x 26 mm monochrome graphic display

• Daisy chain up to four MP-MFC controllers per line


Controls Three buttons (increment, decrement, and select)
Connectors 2x RJ45
Display 128 x 128 pixels, 27 (L) x 26 (W) mm viewing area


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