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Item #: PW1020
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On-Q/Legrand Digital Audio Amplified Keypad


The On-Q/Legrand Digital Audio Amplified Keypad serves as a local zone amplifier and provides in-wall control for a single zone in your Digital Audio System. Ideally, each zone in your system will have its own keypad, although zones can also be controlled through the Legrand Digital Audio App (available through Apple and Google Play app stores).

  • Dimmable LED backlit keypad for source selection, volume, On/Off, etc.
  • "Favorite" button recalls your favorite source and volume
  • Delivers 20 watts of Class D power, stable at a 6 or 8 ohm load
  • Receives power from the Digital Audio Power Distribution Module
  • Includes Color-matched wallplate


The single-gang Digital Audio Amplified Keypad includes controls for source selection, volume adjustment, mute audio and power on/off. It also delivers 20 watts of amplification, and operates at either a 6 or 8 ohm load.

NOTE: Requires the Digital Audio Power Distribution Module (PW1020, sold separately).

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  • MPN: AU7010
  • Power: 20 Watts
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Size: Single Gang
  • Cable Type: Cat5e
  • Connection Type: RJ45 and removeable phoenix screw down terminals
  • Input Plug Type: 6 (1 for Ethernet, 1 for Qlink, 4 for source inputs)
  • Style: Decorator Module
  • Compatible Power Supplies: 24VDC, powered by the PW1020 Digital Audio Power Distribution Module
  • Outputs: 6 (4 for audio zones, 2 for expansion to an AU7004)
  • Source Inputs: Controls up to four sources
  • RoHS: Yes
  • FCC Standard: Yes


Available Colors: White, Light Almond or Nickel


On-Q/Legrand Digital Audio System CutSheet (.pdf)
On-Q/Legrand Digital Audio System User Guide (.pdf)
On-Q/Legrand AU7010 Digital Audio Amplified Keypad Installation Instructions (.pdf)

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